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Sedans, Corporate Limos, SUVS

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  Corporate Sedan -
Seats 1 to 3 persons 








 SUV - Seats up to 5-6 persons








                      COMING SOON


Limousine Seats 10-12 passengers





Three Benefits of Using a Sedan Rental 

Compact - Anytime you are driving a vehicle that is different from your own, it can be a bit difficult to navigate. Our sedan rentals at Giorgio’s are compact and easy to drive. 

Affordable - The prices of gas are constantly fluctuating and filling up your gas tank can get very expensive fast. A sedan rental is more fuel efficient than SUVs or other large vehicles, so you won’t need to worry too much about gas. 

Spacious - Unlike some other compact vehicles, sedan rentals are very spacious where it counts. There is plenty of leg space and trunk space to accommodate the things you might be traveling with. 

Give us a call if you live in Niagara Falls, NY or Buffalo, NY and need a sedan rental! We would love to help!




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